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Created 1-Feb-21

Ginny Leng (Holgate) GBR with Welton Houdini EV300-02-01Marie-Christine Duroy FRA with Quart de Placineau EV300-02-20Pippa Nolan (Funnell) GBR riding Herons Flight EV300-03-16Mary Thomson (King) GBR riding King William EV300-03-24Ginny Leng (Holgate) GBR riding Welton Houdini EV300-04-01Vicky Latta NZL riding Chief EV300-04-18Didier Courreges FRA riding Robin des Bois EV300-05-11Blyth Tait NZL riding Ricochet EV300-05-20Alexandra Ramus riding Straight Point EV300-06-23Pippa Nolan (Funnell) GBR riding Metronome at the start of Phase A EV300-06-15Tanya Cleverley riding Watkins EV300-07-16Helen Bell riding Troubleshooter EV300-07-22Helen Bell riding Troubleshooter EV300-07-23Charlotte Hollingsworth riding Solo Performance EV300-08-09Frances Hay Smith riding Jabba the Hutt EV300-08-17Kerrian Friend riding Knight-Czech EV300-08-23Mary Thomson (King) GBR riding King William EV300-09-02Mary Thomson (King) GBR riding King William EV300-09-04Mary Thomson (King) GBR riding King William EV300-09-03Mary Thomson (King) GBR riding King William EV300-09-05

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