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Created 18-Oct-13

Marie-Christine Duroy FRA with Yarlands Summer Song EV365-02-08Blyth Tait NZL leads Ready Teddy EV365-02-16Giacomo della Chiesa ITA leads Diver Dan EV365-03-07Linda Algotsson SWE leading Lafayette  EV365-03-10Mary King GBR riding King William EV365-05-07Gary Parsonage riding Magic Rogue EV365-05-22Blyth Tait NZL riding Ready Teddy EV365-11-05Sally Clarke NZL riding Squirrel Hill EV365-11-15Vaughn Jefferis NZL riding Bounce EV365-11-21Charlotte Bathe riding Cool Customer EV365-12-02Karen Dixon GBR riding Too Smart EV365-12-08Mary King GBR riding King William EV365-12-11Chris Hunnable riding Mr Bootsie EV365-12-15William Fox-Pitt GBR riding Cosmopolitan II EV365-12-19William Fox-Pitt GBR riding Cosmopolitan II EV365-12-21Gary Parsonage riding Magic Rogue EV365-12-24David Foster IRL riding Duneight Carnival EV365-13-11Bettina Overesch-Boeker GER riding Watermill Stream EV365-13-22Mara Depuy USA riding Hopper EV365-14-03Kerry Millikin USA riding Out and About EV365-14-08

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