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Created 17-Oct-13

Andrew Hoy (AUS) on Davey at the Rattlesnake fence EV86-02Merve Bennett (AUS) on Regal Reign EV86-04Peter Gray (BER) on Counts Best EV86-08Martha Griggs (CAN) on Jack The Lad EV86-10Daniel Nion (FRA) on Gerome A EV86-15Daniel Nion (FRA) on Gerome A EV86-16Claus Erhorn (GER) on Fair Lady EV86-19Burkhard Tesdorpf (GER) on Freedom at the waterfall EV86-21Bettina Overesch (GER) on Peacetime EV86-22Sarah Gordon (IRL) on Rathkenny EV86-23Fiona Wentges (IRL) on Ballylusky a the Ghost Town EV86-24Mauro Checcoli (ITA) on Spey Cast Boy EV86-26Geremia Toia (ITA) on Semi Valley EV86-27Geremia Toia (ITA) on Semi Valley EV86-28Bartolo Ambrosione (ITA) on Brick at the Rattlesnake fence EV86-35Jan Jonsson (SWE) on Isolde EV87-05Christian Persson (SWE) on Joel EV87-06Christian Persson (SWE) on Joel EV87-08Mary Hamilton (NZL) on Whist EV87-15Lucinda Green on Regal Realm at the waterfall EV87-20

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