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Created 18-Oct-13

Captain Mark Phillips on Cartier preparing for steeplechase with groom Debbie EV204-09-11Ginny Leng (Virginia Holgate) (GBR) giving a TV interview EV204-10-02British Dressage Team and supporters watching vet check at at Kwachon. Jennie and Anthony Loriston-Clarke and Diana Mason behind EV204-10-05Princess Anne EV204-10-10Princess Royal talking to Malcolm Wallace EV204-10-11Princess Anne with Hugh Thomas and Mandy thomas EV204-10-12Princess Royal with Malcolm Wallace EV204-10-17Portrait of Kate Jackson EV204-10-20Princess Royal watching the cross country at the Tank Trap EV204-10-22Princess Royal talking to Malcolm Wallace EV204-10-23The British 3 day eventing team at Kwachon EV204-11-02Ginny Leng (GBR) with  Master Craftsman at run up vet check EV204-12-02Ginny Leng (GBR) with  Master Craftsman at run up vet check EV204-12-07Andrew Bennie &amp EV204-12-09David Green (AUS) and Shannagh run up at vet check EV204-12-10Krzysztof Rafalak (POL) and Alkierz at 1st vet check EV204-12-12Marges Knighton and Enterprise. EV204-12-13Mark Todd &amp EV204-12-14ITA? EV204-12-15First vet check EV204-12-20

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