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Created 4-Feb-21

ClaphamD_BADkh1992_1462ClaphamD_BADkh1992_1463ClaphamD_BADkh1992_1464ClaphamD_BADkh1992_1465ClaphamD_BADkh1992_1466ClaphamD_BADkh1992_1467Lynne Bevan with Horton Point  EV276-01-01William Fox-Pitt GBR Vet check EV276-01-04Mary Thomson (King) GBR with King William  EV276-01-07Ginny Elliot (Holgate, Leng) with Master Craftsman EV276-01-09Ian Stark GBR and Mary Thomson (King) GBR course walking EV276-01-10Lucinda Murray with Artic Goose EV276-01-14David O'Connor with Wilton Fair  EV276-02-08Marie Courreges with Cool Fool EV276-02-16EV276-02-18Marie Courreges with Cool Fool EV276-02-19Claire Bowley riding Fair Share, rears up during the dressage EV276-03-05Ginny Leng (Holgate) GBR riding Welton Houdini EV276-03-14Pippa Nolan (Funnell) GBR riding Metronome EV276-04-03Pippa Nolan (Funnell) GBR riding Sir Barnaby EV276-04-06

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