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Created 4-Feb-21

Mary King GBR riding King William EV340-04-03Mary King GBR riding King Kong EV340-04-09Emily Thompson riding Party Man EV340-04-20Karen Dixon GBR riding Too Smart EV340-05-01Lucy Jennings riding Diamond Pedlar EV340-05-16Marie-Christine Duroy FRA riding Yarland Summer Song EV340-06-20William Fox-Pitt GBR riding Chaka EV340-07-17Ian Stark GBR riding Caliber EV340-08-06David Foster riding Duneight Carnival EV340-09-08Mark Todd NZL riding Just an Ace EV340-09-12Mark Todd NZL riding Bertie Blunt having lost his stirrup EV340-09-14Bruce Davidson USA riding Eagle Lion EV340-10-02Phillip Dutton riding True Blue Girdwood EV340-12-17Bruce Davidson USA riding Eagle Lion  EV340-13-02Bruce Davidson USA receives the winners trophy from P Beaumont, Duke of Beaufort EV340-13-13Veterinary check at Badminton EV340-14-01General view of the lake EV340-14-02Andrew Nicholson NZL portrait with Spinning Rhombus EV340-14-13Eagle Lion after washing off EV340-17-08Matt Ryan AUS leading Kibah Tic Toc in the stable quadrangle EV340-17-24

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