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Created 4-Feb-21

BeckettP_Bad99kh_1726BeckettP_Bad99kh_1727BennieA_Bad99kh_1700BennieA_Bad99kh_1701BoonT_Bad99kh_1712BrakewellJ_Bad99kh_1733BrakewellJ_Bad99kh_1734BrakewellJ_Bad99kh_1735DixonN_Bad99kh_1711DouglasMillerE_Bad99kh_1763DowdCA_Bad99kh_1750Pippa Funnell GBR with Supreme Rock EV412-01-13Ruth Friend GBR riding Ice Dancer II EV412-02-04Ruth Friend GBR riding Ice Dancer II EV412-02-08Andrew Bennie NZL riding Wottabert EV412-02-13Sam Griffiths AUS riding Jovial Sam EV412-02-14Nicky Wenban riding Redwood V EV412-02-21Polly Phillips GBR riding Coral Cove EV412-03-03Jeanette Brakewell GBR riding Over to You EV412-03-07Gary Parsonage GBR riding Toucan EV412-03-08

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