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Created 4-Feb-21

EV250-01-03EV250-01-15Fence 17 EV250-02-08Aerial view of Badminton Village and house EV250-02-09Aerial view EV250-02-11Aerial view EV250-02-18Aerial view EV250-02-22Spectators at the lake EV250-03-09Fall at the lake EV250-03-16Lord Vestey, Lucinda Hanbury, Lord Patrick Beresford EV250-03-17Lord Vestey, Lord Patrick Beresford EV250-03-19EV250-03-22David Green AUS riding Ayres Rock EV250-03-23Mr &amp EV250-04-01Prince &amp EV250-04-04Prince &amp EV250-04-05Photographers at the lake EV250-04-08Mary Thomson GBR (Mary King) and her mother (centre) and team EV250-04-18Horse and riders preparing for the First vet check EV250-05-07The ground Jury at First vet check EV250-05-12

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